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All of our unit studies and literature guides are secular in nature. We strive to bring to you beautiful, affordable, engaging, and fun studies to use with your children within your homes.

  • Secular Product

    We make sure all our materials are secular. Utilizing secular products is a great way to ensure that our guides and units can be used and fit into any homeschool style.

  • Fun, Engaging, and Beautiful

    Our literature guides are created with engaging activities being the most critical aspect. Capturing the child's attention matters the most. Beauty is another essential feature. We want more for you than monotonous lines and charts, parents.

  • Accuracy

    We make sure our guides' information is 100% accurate and up-to-date information with cites sourced and referenced for your conveinence.

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April's Featured Product

  • A Childs Guide to The Birds & The Bees

    Finally, the first secular coming-of-age guide for boys and girls that focuses on heavy topics such as coming-of-age, menstruation, puberty, digital age, pregnancy, bullying, stress, hygiene, sexual reproduction, and more!

  • Japan Unit Study

    Learn about Japan's culture and history through this fun and engaging study. We will dive into topics such as Nintendo, Anime/Manga, Cheery Blossoms, Sushi, Japanese Architecture, Fashion, Food, Sumo Wrestlers, Samurais, Bombing of Hiroshima, Japanese Language and Writing, and more!

  • Waldorf Norse Mythology Literature Guide

    We will follow the D' Aularies Book of Norse Myths as we learn the entire story and its characters through a Waldorf style of education where we will watercolor, make Celtic designs using various elements, bread making, beeswax or clay modeling, handwork, and more!

Meet The Creator

Hi there, my name is Jenny. I am a mother to 3 children, 2 of whom I currently homeschool. We live in the rainy, evergreen state of Washington and enjoy every second of it. I enjoy reading horror and romance novels as well as watching these genres of movies. I have one German Shepherd, four cats, two ball pythons, a goldfish, and an axolotl. We love getting out in nature, so I also run a local Nature co-op for other secular families to join. I started creating unit studies and literature guides when the ones I purchased weren't what I was looking for. I love creating lessons for our homeschool, so I decided to expand my horizon and make these products for you!

Guide Release, Updates, and Announcements

The California Culture and History guide will be released on April 15th, 2023

Japan Unit Study will be released April 30th, 2023